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Going further to explain What is Google Home ? 2018 Powerful Google Home Tips & Tricks . Google home is a wifi based smart speaker that is developed by Google. It is just like the Amazon’s Echo device. With the assistance of Google Home speakers users can dictate commands to communicate with number of devices supported through a built-in AI called “Google Assistant”. The device was first announced by the Google in May 2016 and was available for users in U.S in November 2016 and was released globally throughout within the following year that is in 2017. Google Home is currently available in the US and UK.

What is Google Home ? 2018 Powerful Google Home Tips & Tricks

To make you able to understand, we will describe you the model of Google Home speaker:

The basic model of Google Home is a WiFi enabled speaker cylindrical in shape that is 5.62 inches (143 millimetres) high, and 3.79 inches (96 millimetres) in diameter. The upper surface of the device is featured with four coloured LED lights with capacitive touch that specifies the status of the device. The controls can be used to adjust volume, start and stop music along with a mute button located on the backside of the device to disable the microphones. Most interesting thing is that that device comes with interchangeable bases(both coloured and metallic finishes) that is covered by a shell acting as a speaker grille, which to best suit your room decor.

differenct model of Google Home speakers

A number of services integrates Google home that allows users to listen to tracks, control playback of videos, photos, receive latest updates of news, entertainment, maintain calendar and schedule tasks just by voice command. The services available from both Google and other third-party developers that are integrated with Google home are: Chromecast, Bluetooth audio streaming, Google Play Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Netflix, YouTube, Google Photos, Google Calendar, Google Keep and CNN, CNBC and The Wall Street Journal for news updates. The Android and iOS apps are used to set up the Google home smart speakers.

For synchronized playback of music, various devices can be placed in the different locations of the room to deliver dual side-facing passive radiators, full range, clear highs, and rich bass.
According to an update in April 2017 by Google, it added the functionality of multi-user support that allows the device to distinguish between six people by their voice.

What is Google Assistant in Google Home?

Google Assistant as described by Google:
“The assistant is conversational – an ongoing two-way dialogue between you and Google that understands your world and helps you get things done. It makes it easy to buy movie tickets while on the go, to find that perfect restaurant for your family to grab a quick bite before the movie starts, and then help you navigate to the theatre”.

Google Assistant as described by Google- Hi, How can I help you

Google Assistant is just like Amazon’s Alexa a virtual personal assistant developed by Google for commanding voice. Google already had Google Now, but this is an enhanced and improved way through which users can experience two-way conversation.

Why Google Assistant is different from Google Now? explained here:

Google Assistant integrates with AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning which was announced by the Google I/O in 2016. This feature is available in Smartphones, Smart home hub devices and number of others like Chromecast.

These services can add context to your queries and serve you with the most appropriate ones.. Like if you ask “Some Movie timings for tonight”, then Google Assistant will show up timings and list at your nearby places. But if you add “movies to watch along with kids” then it will show you the ones with kids-friendly. Likewise, it can show you reviews, ratings, play a trailer and even assist you to buy tickets.

Google Assistant is your virtual personal assistant that can help you manage lots of tasks like retrieve your daily schedule, alert you about things to buy while you are in store, show you your travel plans and many more.
Along with Google Home, Google Assistant is also compatible with Android Nougat devices and your Android Auto head unit.

Google Assistant for Google Home works just like one in your smartphone in which your data and instructions feeded are shared across the devices and can be retrieved on times by commanding through voice.

What Google Home can do for you?

Google Home is best in voice recognition and thanks to the advancement of AI and Machine learning that has made it possible to control your smart home devices and manage playback of music and video just by voice.

What Google Home can do for you -iotboys

Google Home is a Wi-Fi based speaker that can stream and play music directly from the cloud. With the use of services like Google Play Music, iHeartRadio and Spotify users can access variety of tracks, create their favorite playlist based on various categories and listen to them anytime by just commanding the Google Home speakers by voice. Not only that, with the services of Google Cast users will be able to control other connected speakers in home through
Google Home.

This is worth explaining that, you can even watch your favorite movies, catch the latest episodes of favorite serials and access play other video contents on Netflix or youtube by just settings up devices to Google Home app and command the Google Home and your content will appear on the TV.

Google Home is not just for entertainment purpose, it has lot more to assist you. Google Home connects with Smart home hub to control all your devices with the service of Google assistant. You can control more than 1,000 smart home devices using Google Home like including lights, switches, plugs, thermostats, and more. But to need the Google Home app for your tasks done. Google Home app connects with the Google Home Speaker and the other services to perform the tasks.

Hey Google, Turn Off the bedroom lights - Google Home Commands

This means user needs to command the exact phrases and choose the appropriate service to control a device like a Nest thermostat, user needs to tell Home what they want and it will then pass the command to the device (“Hey Google, turn the heat down”).
As Google Home has access to google Assistant, it can make your time taking and small tasks easily done like managing to-do list, setting alarms, shopping lists

How do you set up a Google Home?

Having your personal virtual assistant can make your life easier. The “Google Home app” will help you achieve so. You can easily set up your Google Assistant speakers and other Google Home devices and services to Google Home and control devices like Chromecast, iHome ISP100, JBL Link20 a portable speaker, August Smartlock, Anova Precision Cooker and many more.

For this, you need to setup your Google Home device in the Google Home app and all other smart devices in your home. You will be then able to control them by commanding with your voice.

What is Google Home Max and Mini and what does they do?

In October 2017, Google announced two more smart speakers in line: the Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max.

Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a variant of Home having the same functionalities but is smaller in size as the name suggest. It is a pebble like structure coloured in coral is around 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter. Google announced Mini in an event occurred in 4, 2017 and was released in October 19, 2017. It’s very compact and affordable speaker available in Chalk”, “Charcoal”, or “Coral” colour options. Google Mini has white-coloured status light that shines through the fabric top. The device has a mute button and connects with micro USB for power consumption. Google Mini is equivalent to Amazon’s Echo Dot model.

Home Max

Google Home Max was announced in October 4, 2017 in an event and was released on December 11, 2017. It is actually a larger version of the Google Home having stereo speakers, including two tweeters and sub-woofers, an audio connector, and a USB Type-C connector intended for a wired ethernet adaptor. It is available in “Chalk” and “Charcoal” colours, and include a magnetically-attached stand for vertical orientation.

Home Max is direct competitor to Sonos because of its best-in class features like “Smart Sound”, that is an adaptive audio system that integrates Machine Learning to automatically adjust sound output based on factors such as the environment, noise, time of the day.

Google Home, Mini and Max combinedly make up for the Google Home Family. However, all the three speakers have different appearances, technicalities and features but it is noteworthy that user can have any of them working well with playing music and video playback, smart home devices control, and having two-way conversation.

In conclusion, Google Home is the best alternative for Amazon’s Alexa but all thanks to AI and machine-learning capabilities that these virtual assistants has voice-recognition capabilities to understand your queries and preferences and get more skilled over time.

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What is Google Home ? 2018 Powerful Google Home Tips & Tricks

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