NEW  Project Ideas  For 1306 OLED  Display  with  Arduino 


Develop an internet radio player using Arduino and the 1306 display, allowing users to browse and select radio stations from a pre-defined list and display station information.

Internet Radio Player

No. 1

Remote Control Car Dashboard

Construct a remote control car dashboard with telemetry data such as speed, battery voltage, and motor temperature displayed on the 1306 display, providing real-time feedback to the user.

No. 2

Smart Alarm Clock

Design an alarm clock that displays time, date, and customizable alarms on the 1306 display, with features like snooze and adjustable brightness.

No. 3

Weather Station

Create a weather station that displays real-time weather information such as temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure on the 1306 display using sensors like DHT11 or BMP180.

No. 4

Message Board 

Build a message board with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity that displays text messages sent from a smartphone or computer on the 1306 display, serving as a digital notice board.

No. 5

Monitoring for Server Rooms

Develop a remote temperature monitoring system for server rooms that displays temperature readings on the 1306 display and sends alerts when temperatures exceed predefined thresholds.

No. 6