Amazon Launched Fire TV Cube | Hand’s Free Alexa For Your TV

Amazon Fire TV Cube: All you want to know Amazons “what’s next” move will surely attract more and more people especially for those who like to sit relaxed in front of their TV and watch movies of their choice. Hey TV lovers… Amazon has good news for you. Amazon Fire TV Cube is your all-in-one […]

Amazon’s Alexa vs Google Home (The Chase Continues…)

Amazon’s Alexa vs Google Home Further to the discussion Amazon’s Echo or Google Home which one is better for you? This is one of the spiced talk of the people who want to have a voice-controlled smart speaker. For Amazon’s Echo, the competition is getting tough day-by-day, as the Google line of smart speakers is […]

How To Start Learning IoT

Further to the discussion How To Start Learning IoT ?, first thing I would like to say don’t chess the people if everyone is saying want to learn IoT or there is huge scope of is there in IoT. If you really interested then go ahead and read out the complete article. You might have […]

5 Big Predictions of IoT in 2018

Further to the discussion 5 Big Predictions of IoT in 2018, as we have entered in year 2018, we have a big question ahead of us about the future of IoT. What advancements will be made in 2018? How far we are from getting the full potential of Internet of Things (IoT)? What about the security […]

“Ok Google, Book My FlixBus Ticket…” World First Google Assistant based Bus Service.

Further to the discussion “Ok Google, book my FlixBus ticket..”. Worlds First Google Assistant based Bus Service. Artificial intelligence based bus ticket booking system has been started by a German coach company FlixBus. FlixBus become the first coach operator company in the world who has been integrated with Google Assistant. History of FlixBus :- According to […]

What is AMQP Protocol ? How AMQP Protocol Works

AMQP stands for Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, AMQP is an open protocols for asynchronous message queuing which has been developed and matured over several years. AMQP is an open standard, binary application layer protocol designed for message-oriented middleware i.e., AMQP protocol standardizes messaging using Producers, Brokers and Consumers and messaging increases loose coupling and scalability. […]