Home Automation Using Facebook Chat And Arduino ESP8266 WiFi Module

Going further to explain Home Automation Using Facebook Chat And Arduino ESP8266 WiFi Module. After reading and watching this video you will be able to control your home appliances e.g. TV, Fan, Refrigerator, Lights etc. from Facebook chat message with the help of Arduino Uno and ESP8266 WiFi Module. You just need to send instructions like […]

IoT Technology & Innovation To Transform Business

Further to the discussion IoT Technology and Innovation To Transform Businesses, we can see below how IoT technology is transforming business and helping in increase revenue year per year. Below are the IoT technology can transform your business IoT Security IoT Connectivity IoT Accelerator Platform IoT Monetization How IoT Security Transforming Business The Internet of Things […]

What is Netduino? Different Boards in Netduino

Further to the discussion What is Neduino? Different Boards in Netduino, Netduino has gained a lot of popularity not just among the electronics enthusiasts but also to the programmer as it can be programmed through Microsoft Visual Studio using CSharp.NET or VB.NET language. We have tried to jump start interested people like you. What is […]

How To Control Home Appliance From Internet Using Arduino and ESP8266

In this article we are showing how you can control your home appliances from anywhere in world using Internet. In our daily life we always forget to switch off Lights, TV, AC, Fan and other appliances and unnecessary we waste electricity and money of course, which is very precious for us. So we have created […]

How To Fix Arduino IDE Additional Library Installation Error

In this article showing how to fix Arduino IDE additional library installation error. This is very common issue you might face when you try to install additional library in Arduino IDE. The Error is “Error Downloading http://download.arduino.cc/libraries/library_index.json” Steps to fix the issue :- Close The Arduino IDE Open Command Prompt Type “setx _JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true” command […]