IIoT vs IoT | How IIoT Different Than IoT You Must Know

In our previous article, we tried to explain to our readers the term “Industrial IoT” or IIoT, its benefits, and some key aspects related to IIoT. Now, moving further with this topic, we would clear the main difference between IIoT and IoT. After reading this article you will be understood completely the difference between IIoT […]

What Is IIoT? Things You Must Know About IIoT

What Is IIoT? Things You Must Know About IIoT With our previous articles, we had explained IoT(Internet Of Things), how you can start learning IoT, future predictions of IoT, and how it can impact the business. Now it’s time to move forward with the technology upgrades and introducing a new term with you which is […]

What Is Chatbot? How It Is Useful For Your Business?

What Is Chatbot? How It Is Useful For Your Business? Artificial intelligence, robots and bots have been around for years. But in recent times various discoveries, experiments and exploits of this technology have made it to real. One of which is called “Chatbots” which is now being used not only by businesses but common peoples […]

Amazon Introduces Over 350 Alexa “kid skills” in India

Alexa now supports “kid skills” in India Amazon announced on Monday, that Alexa will now have a new category for children’s under the age of 13. This category will contain kids-friendly skills that can educate as well as fun and exciting for them. The “kid skills” include various popular brands like Amar Chitra Katha’s India […]

How To Transform Your Home Into Smart Home With Google Assistant

Our team has brought an article on How To Transform Your House Into Smart Home With Google Assistant, After a busy and tiring day, when we return back home, then we have to do various stuff which annoys us like turning on the lights, A.C, thermostats, and many other small appliances. Even when you go […]

Alexa, “Call Room Service”! Amazon Now Brings Alexa To Hotels

Alexa, call room service: Amazon now brings Alexa to hotels Amazon now announced on 19 june, to bring Alexa to your hotel room. The leading e-commerce website has great news for the Hospitality sector. What could be more better than having a voice assistant to your hotel rooms. Just ask Alexa, “order room service” or […]