Going further to let you know Announcement !!! Amazon’s Alexa is coming to Windows 10 PCs by 2018.
According to a report in The Verge, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and other computer maker companies already started working on computer to integrate Amazon’s Alexa to their new PCs. That will be require a special Alexa App made for windows 10 Operating System, the app will be available in the spring. The new app will allow users to ask Alexa questions just like they would with an Echo device. As all of these devices will have a screen or will be connected to a monitor, Alexa will be able to display information in addition to providing audio feedback. However, not all Alexa features will be available at launch time, so users will have to wait even longer to be able to access security camera feeds, use Amazon’s calling and messaging services.

Announcement !!! Amazon’s Alexa is coming to Windows 10 PCs by 2018.

According to Verge the computer makers are integrating the Alexa on their devices in such way that can easily accept voice command from far away. As Amazon’s Echo device having an awesome quality of mic that can detect voice command even there is noise, the same and even better they are trying to provide in their new PCs to the consumers.

One more, good things about Amazon’s Alexa providing facilities to develop our custom skills in very easy way, so that numbers of Alexa skills increasing very fast and it crosses 25000. Till now there is no official announcement from any of these companies when it will be available, but we are expecting these implementation will be done by end of 2018.

As we know Alexa became so popular virtual assistance in very less spam of time, so this steps will be a wave for AI implemented computer system. Also that could be a bad news for Microsoft Cortana, which is in-build with Windows 10 PCs, which is arguably not nearly as widespread as Alexa, Siri and even Google Assistant.

In an Acer Press Release, Jerry Kao, President of IT Products Business, said, “Acer is excited to be among the first brands to bring Alexa to PCs. With industry-leading audio technology across our portfolio, we are providing consumers that possibility to interact with multiple voice services on their notebook or desktop. Alexa lets users do thousands of things and we’re now bringing those capabilities naively to PCs.

Additionally, it’s not entirely clear at this stage, given that the launch was for specific laptops or whether all capable machines will be able to use the Windows 10 version of Alexa or whether it is specifically available on these new ranges, and that fact alone could make a huge difference.

Announcement !!! Amazon’s Alexa is coming to Windows 10 PCs by 2018.

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