Amazon introduces over 350 Alexa kid skills in India

Alexa now supports “kid skills” in India

Amazon announced on Monday, that Alexa will now have a new category for children’s under the age of 13. This category will contain kids-friendly skills that can educate as well as fun and exciting for them. The “kid skills” include various popular brands like Amar Chitra Katha’s India Quiz (quiz), ChuChu TV (nursery rhymes), Forest Fortune (interactive story game), Moshi Twilight(bedtime stories) and Suppandi’s Crazy Brain-Teasers (quiz).

Alexa tell hungama rhymes to play johny johny rhyme

The e-commerce giant company Amazon, took this step to make Alexa to be useful to kids and the parents. It will contains from fun games, nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, brain teasers, educational quizzes, instruction based skills and knowledge about various topics and categories.

Amazon added 350 “kid skills” to the Alexa which already had more than 15,000 overall skills offered in India. From 1 july,2018 the kid skills is available on the Amazon line up of smart speakers as well as on Alexa app on the smartphones. This new update is introduced after Amazon’s Alexa expanded its device compatibility including smart home cameras, Sony Bravia smart TVs and voice-controlled remotes.

How It Works

Alexa users and parents can access this skill through their Alexa app and Alexa enabled voice-assistants. To enable this, you first need to allow the “kid skill” feature on your Alexa app.
To activate kid skill you need to :

  • Open your Alexa app.
  • Go to Settings>Alexa Account>Kid skills>Allow kid Skills.

For the first time parent need to give permissions to Alexa by enabling the kid skill.
Once the permission is set to “allow”, all kid skills will be enabled to access from the Parents account.
But at the time of using any skill you need to enable the skill separately.

More about Kid skills

The kid skills contains various interactive, fun and educational skills that will help kids-parents to come together and discover new things to learn and play.

There are ChuChu TV, Appu’s Adventure, Hungama Rhymes, HooplaKids, and Bob the Train for kids under this age of 5.

And for the kids of age upto 13, there are brain teasers, quizzes, trivia, and jokes through skills. These include Amar Chitra Katha’s India Quiz, Suppandi’s Crazy Brain Teasers, Would You Rather Family, and Shambu’s Jungle Quiz.

There are also some kids fun simple games like True and False quiz by using the Beano skill. Some adventurous ones like Forest Fortune skill that is an interactive pick-a-part story game.  And Panda Rescue skill that teaches kids important life lessons.

There are also educational skills that will help Parents to make children learn alphabets, numbers, vocabulary and so.
Parents can also turn off the kid skill all at a time. By just turning off the “kid skills” from the settings menu of the Alexa app. After that no kid skill will work. This is how parents can control this feature.

Dilip RS, Country Manager, Alexa Skills, Amazon, said in a press release:
“In line with our vision to keep expanding Alexa as a service that provides a delightful and fun experience for the entire family, we have curated a special catalogue of skills to engage, entertain and educate children. Our developer guidelines ensure that the skill experiences encourage exploration and creativity among kids.”

How to start developing Alexa kid skills

Amazon also said that the developers and brands interested in building Alexa skill can come forward to build more Alexa kid skills and can also use the resources available on the Alexa Developer Portal. Amazon is also providing specific documentation and webinar on 5 July at 3:00pm IST to the young and innovative creators to help in making the Engaging Kid Skills for Alexa.

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