Alexa coming to windows 10

Amazon Alexa is coming to Windows 10 and Gaming PCs : Alexa Meets your PCs

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is being very widely accepted and appreciated by users. Because of its attractive and compact smart speaker looks, voice recognition and responding well to the commands of the user.

Amazon Alexa is coming to Windows 10 and Gaming PCs

Till now Amazon’s Alexa was only available to its own developed smart speakers and few third-party devices.

But now Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant will soon be launching to Windows 10 PCs. Alexa will give a competition to Microsoft’s built-in voice assistant “Cortana” in Windows 10.

Various laptop manufacturing companies and brands like HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer will soon be integrating Alexa to their Windows 10 laptops as well as desktops in 2018. It’s surely the what’s next step for Amazon Alexa as will appear within a wide range of computers and laptops.

How it will work?

To integrate Alexa with the Windows 10, it will require an Alexa app designed for the PCs. And will be integrate to the machines and devices having a far-field voice recognition feature. This is needed to ensure good voice recognition and response through the voice assistant.

The Alexa app will work just like the Amazon’s Echo, you have a use the wake word “Alexa” to activate it.  And ask for the information and enable other features. There will also be a keyboard shortcut to activate the Alexa voice assistant and listen to your commands.

Although, users can access Alexa on their laptops and desktops through an Amazon-sanctioned website for developers, where they can test their Alexa enabled apps and skills for the Echo smart speaker.


Amazon’s Alexa will soon be launch to HP’s Pavilion Wave PC which is a desktop and is a sleek, modern and compact desktop comes with fully integrated speakers. Another one is Lenovo which is also launching Alexa to its range of Windows 10 laptops.

Also, other giant laptop and desktop manufacturing companies think that voice is a more natural way of interaction. So, companies like Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus and many other third-party digital manufacturers are investing heavily to integrate voice assistants to their devices.

So that, people can interact with their devices in a more user-friendly way and tasks will be done without even sitting in front of your laptops or desktops or using touchpads.


control ur game with Alexa voice assistant

Not only that, according to a latest update, MSI-the international gaming hardware manufacturer, is also integrating Amazon’s Alexa to their gaming PCs at COMPUTEX 2018. This will give the gamers a hands-free gaming experience and controlling various gaming controls with their voice.

Sam Chern, MSI Global Marketing Assistant Vice President said,

“We see voice as a natural way for customers to interact with our PCs while also expanding the gameplay experience. ”The work we are doing with Amazon to integrate Alexa directly into MSI PCs will expand the gaming experience by enabling customers to seamlessly interact with Alexa skills linked to various popular games.”

So, we see 2018 as a year of a tough competition between voice assistants-Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (Hey Google). And now the competition has become more intense as the Microsoft already had “Cortana” but with the integration of Amazon’s Alexa to the Windows 10 made it more heated up.

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