Alexa, call room service: Amazon now brings Alexa to hotels

Amazon now announced on 19 june, to bring Alexa to your hotel room. The leading e-commerce website has great news for the Hospitality sector.
What could be more better than having a voice assistant to your hotel rooms.
Just ask Alexa, “order room service” or “need a towel”.

Alexa, order room service: Amazon now brings Alexa to hotels

On 19 june, Tuesday, Amazon announced to bring Alexa in the hospitality sector. Amazon designed a new version of Amazon Echo to integrate with some popular hotel software systems that will allow guests for voice-controlled services. The specially designed Alexa is launching for popular hotels, resorts, travelers, vacation spots and famous travel destinations.

The new programmed Amazon Alexa will at your hotel room will be connected to your account. So you can access any services by commanding your voice assistant.
Even it will keep you entertained by playing audiobooks and music of your choice.

The Amazon Echo designed for Hotels

The existing Echo device got new programs and features designed keeping in point of hotel services. The travelers can use the voice assistant for their queries for which currently we make calls to the front desk or reception at hotels. You can ask Alexa for any amenities, any information related to pool timings, orders and any other assistants.
Alexa can control Smart applications at hotel room.

Amazon now brings Alexa to hotels
Just like your Amazon Echo at home integrates with other smart devices through using Alexa skills. Likewise, hotels are providing Alexa to control lights, Smart TV, thermostats and other smart appliances at your hotel room.

Alexa has also custom programmed features for travellers like flight schedules, timings and wait at the airport. The skills are custom downloaded from the Alexa app according to the location and brand that help your voice assistant easily respond to your queries.

Not only that, Alexa will also report the analytical feedback of the hotel which will be based on feedbacks and suggestion taken from guests at hotel. This will help in the improvement of the program and enhance the features accordingly.

Alexa feels just like at-home

The in-room skills for the Alexa will be provided by the hotel owner and the travellers and guests will soon be able to connect an Amazon account. The Alexa will work just like at-home.

A yet another feature to be coming to the Alexa device is- Hotels will allow the Alexa users to sign in to their hotel rooms and after logged in, they can access their music and audiobooks connected to the account. The device will automatically be logged-out once the user check-out from the hotel.
This will make Alexa feel like at-home.

Daniel Rausch, an Amazon vice president, said in a statement that:

“Customers tell us they love how easy it is to get information, enjoy entertainment, and control connected devices by simply asking Alexa, and we want to offer those experiences everywhere customers want them”. “Alexa for Hospitality makes your hotel stay a little more like being at home and gives hospitality providers new ways to create memorable stays for their guests.”

Amazon Alexa for Hospitality is firstly coming to the properties of “Marriott International” which includes selected Marriott Hotels, Westin Hotels and Resorts, St. Regis Hotels and Resorts, and Autograph Collection Hotels. From 19 june, some properties have started getting the travel-friendly Alexa. While some more properties will get this feature in coming weeks.

With Alexa featured with Hospitality, guests can easily get their queries answered without everytime calling at the reception or the room service. Hotels will be also be benefited with the custom features and skills of Alexa.
So, next time you stay at the Marriott properties just ask “Alexa, order room service”.

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