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Going further to explain 5 Big Prediction for Artificial Intelligence in 2018.
Technologist are constantly working in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to introduce this as in our daily routine. As this can change the future of humans and is going to affect the whole world. To very much extent, this has already become an integral part of our lives but still we are always in the need to know the future of AI and how is going to change our lives.

So far technologists have already presented the model of robots with advanced features, flying cars, spying objects as small as like an insect. But is still far from the bigger picture and to introduce it in the reality. 2017 has ended, so here we have summed up some key predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 5 different areas. Take a look:

Machine learning computer systems

Machine Learning is one of the key element of what is known as artificial intelligence. Machine learning is something which will have direct impact on humans. Although, they will have the capacity to outperform various tasks in comparison to humans, but still is unlikely to replace them completely at workplace. Most companies are focusing on Machine learning that is getting better day-by-day with experience.

It has already transformed the economy in the past in respect to steam engines and electricity. Although, ML is less impacted to affect the economy due to its limitations. But due to rapid advancement in ML, it has showed remarkable improvements to be taken in account for facial recognition, better understanding of human language and computer vision.

5 Big Prediction for Artificial Intelligence in 2018

Also, some new applications based on Machine Learning are being widely used in diverse fields like credit card fraud detections, medical diagnosis, financial analysis and many such.

So, the Machine learning computer systems is getting better persistently and is going to automate various important tasks in the near future.

Speeding up with technology- Human like Help

Businesses needs speedy workflow to match with the demand of the technology. However, this is not always possible to attain the consistency in workflow terms of humans. So, here is the need for “virtual assistants” and conversational “AI chatbots” to make the work easier for humans and manage their daily workflow.

This would help them share their burden at work and even assist them in many ways just like a new virtual assistant from X.ai called “Amy” that can be used to alert humans at work for meetings and respond to messages quickly, calls, chats and meals so on. And this is done without alerting the sender that she’s a bot. Another virtual assistant is developed by Amazon named as Amazon’s Alexa that can be trusted to sync to all your contacts from other accounts like Outlook and Google to keep in touch with your fellows and families.

How AI Speeding Up With Technology

The prediction on how chat bots and virtual assistance will change the businesses is just a must-have thing. According to recent reports, by 2020 85% of the customer interactions will be managed by virtual assistants. So the businesses are focusing more on training humans on bot sensitivity, to lessen the workload and making stronger customer relations.

Self-Driven Machines and Cars

Self-automated Machines like self-driving cars, ships, some lifesaving medical diagnosis systems is one of the strong predictions of AI. As the technology advances it is reaching new horizons by putting more expertise and money in the bigger projects which haven’t been touched yet or is in still process. AI has a strong ground and the innovators are in no mood to stop, so more and more businesses are taking initiatives to launch self-automated machines that are amenable to AI approaches. This is the need of high priority to reach major goals.

Self-Driven Machines

Smart Automated Marketing campaigns

Artificial Intelligence has immense potential in various fields and is so has shown its abilities in marketing campaigns. You might have gone through some eCommerce site like Amazon which has personalised order services for its customers. Like if you have subscribed for any normal household product like beauty items, laundry, dog food or grocery stuffs.

It automatically schedules delivery for your subscribed product on the weekly or monthly basis. This is how they plan their marketing strategies to lock the customers. This is possible due to smart automation system which is widely being used by various retail industry to deliver product on time, scheduled machine maintenance and more.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, we got the feature of voice-text through Siri and other Tech applications. But it usually gives us a hard time trying out voice-texting a message because it didn’t get all words we say and needs editing again. Although, it is quite an innovative idea and could save some time by just getting typed what you say. These tech apps need to be more conventional and should also have integrated transnational technology to make communication easier between different languages.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence

The change is already being started as the Amazon’s Alexa is being trained to recognise the voice patterns. This is another strong prediction of 2018 in AI that needs attention and should be adopted as it could affect both personal life of an individual and businesses.

The bottom line:

The potential of Artificial Intelligence is still unlocking and Will Continue To Grow in near future. As the technology is revising and experimenting with itself, it will find new horizons to make the real change in our lives. It is not only going to affect businesses to grow but it has a lot to reach within individuals as their daily routine. We hope 2018 will be a year of more innovative ideas, technologies to be introduced in the field of medical sciences and moving ahead in the world of self-automation.

5 Big Prediction for Artificial Intelligence in 2018

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